history of Zion lutheran church & school

Zion Lutheran Church & School in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois began in 1851. Below you can find a collection of historical documents and pictures from Zion's history. Many of them contain a summarized history of the congregation.

100th Anniversary picture of the congregation.

This was the church used by Zion from 1866-1901

Postcard with picture of the church which looked like this in 1902.

Postcard with picture of the church without its steeple. It looked this way from 1932-1950.

1950 renovation dedication service_cropped.pdf

1950 renovation & dedication

In 1950 there was a dedication service for the renovations and refurbishments at the church. These were done to prepare for the congregation's 100th anniversary.


Here is the 100th Anniversary History & Directory from 1951 and the worship service held in September.

centenial service_cropped.pdf
100th Anniversary_cropped.pdf

Picture of the parade float from September 1952.

Education addition

Here are some articles and services from the Education Wing addition in 1958. The addition was almost finished when a tank car exploded in town and caused damage to many homes, businesses, and churches.

Education Wing Dedication_cropped.pdf
pledge card 1958.pdf

This is the pledge card used to raise funds for the Education Wing.

115th Anniversary.pdf

115th anniversary service

Here is the worship service from the 115th Anniversary in 1966.

1930 Constitution_cropped.pdf

1930 Constitution

This is the first constitution in English which was translated from German.

1955 Constitution_cropped.pdf

1955 Constitution