COVID-19 info

COVID-19 plans for phase 5 in illinois

September 2021 Update

The Governor has issued a mask mandate for Illinois again. We are asking that you wear a mask while you enter and exit the people, or are around one another while inside. But once you are seated in the pews (families at six feet apart) you are free to remove your mask during worship. Wearing a mask the whole time is still certainly an option for those that want to. The other things listed below remain the same for now.

June 2021 Update

Hopefully we will enter Phase 5 (no restrictions) on June 11. We have made a number of changes to our Sunday morning worship time during the pandemic. The Elders and Pastor discussed those changes and want to give this update on how we can gather as a congregation starting Sunday, June 13 if Illinois plans stay on track. Some things we’ll still keep in place, and other things will be back to normal! Our goal was to get things back to as normal as possible, and leave the decision-making up to each person as much as possible.

First, here is the list of things that we have done differently, that will go back to normal, starting Sunday, June 13.

  • Masks - We will no longer ask you to wear a mask as you enter or exit the building.

  • Entrance/Exit limitations - we will no longer ask you to enter or exit by a particular door.

  • Elevator - Because more doors will be open and available, the elevator will be available again.

  • Every other pew closed - We will no longer mark off every other pew. All pews will be available to sit in (including your favorite pew!)

  • Social Distanced Seating - Please be conscientious of someone’s desire to remain seated with social distancing in mind.

  • Sunday school - Our plan is to resume Sunday School for all ages in the Fall.

  • Drive up communion - We will discontinue drive up communion at this time. June 6 will be our last offering for that. We can resume it if need be, and, of course, anyone wanting communion outside of a regular church service can call Pastor to arrange that!

  • Hymnals - they’re back! We will still provide the service on the screen.

  • Light Refreshments/Coffee - This can be available again. If someone is interested in arranging refreshments please let us know!

  • Extra services (for larger attendance events) - Phase 5 does not have any attendance limitations, so we will probably not be offering extra services (like we did on Christmas Eve) if we would ordinarily be able to fit everyone all at one service. This would apply to weddings, funerals, and funeral visitations as well.

Here are those things we’ll keep doing for the time being:

  • Attendance Pads - We won’t have and pass the attendance pads in the pews yet.

  • Offering - We won’t pass offering plates yet. Plates will remain available as you enter or exit.

  • We’ll still have the hand sanitizer stations available.

  • We will still have disposable masks available for those that want them, that did not bring their own. But we won’t set them out on the table, but will be close by (on the coat rack).

  • We will not uncover the drinking fountains until we do so in the entire building. That decision will coordinate with the Trustees and School Board.

  • Church & School building access. We had asked that people either stay on the school side or church side of the building. Once school is out for the summer, this restriction won’t be as necessary, but will be fully made later in coordination with the School Board and Trustees.

  • Communion - We will still keep our current distribution of communion with a continuous style and not have people at the altar or common cup, yet.

  • Extra Cleaning - We will still need extra cleaning to happen, especially as the building is more open and to larger gatherings, so that will continue.

  • Meals/Potlucks/Funeral Dinners - At this time we will not be having full meals served at church, but we will revisit that soon.