Reopen plans

What to expect

Here is a video to walk through what to expect when we return to worship!

Reopen plans

Brothers and Sisters in Christ after meeting with our Elders we've decided to resume in-person worship. We know many of you are excited to return as soon as possible, and also know some of you will choose not to return immediately, both approaches are good!

Here are some plans we've set in place to help our worship services to be as faithful as possible and also keep the health of our congregation as a priority.

Back to School Update

We have a few updates for everyone to be aware of during the school year.If you want to enter the building, especially during school hours, things will be a little different.

  • We are trying to minimize crossover between church and school spaces.

  • In-person access to the office will be limited.

  • A basket for drop-offs will be located in the foyer.

  • If you do need in-person access to the building you will need to certify that you are free of COVID-like symptoms, wear a mask, and have your temperature taken.

  • If you are only going to the church-side of the building, you will still need to check-in with the front desk to make sure we know who is in the building (for emergencies).

      1. You could call from your car and someone can sign you in

      2. or you could sign-in at the foyer.

      3. To help us keep track of building use, please park on Vine St. where the office windows can see your vehicle.

  • You can then access the building through one of the church doors, instead of through the office.

      1. For example, if you were to come for a meeting with Pastor, he would let you in the white doors by the flagpole.

      2. Another example, if you had a key, you could access the sanctuary to prepare for a worship service.

  • We would ask you keep to the "church side" of the building. There are signs posted at those entry points to remind you about access.

  • During non-school hours/days we would still ask to limit access to the school spaces, to help make cleaning easier.

      1. But if you need access to those places (Trustees, using the copier, etc.) please wipe down surfaces after yourself.

  • Some things to think about:

      1. We probably cannot accommodate funeral dinners at this time.

      2. Sunday School will be in upstairs classrooms when it begins (tentatively beginning of October).

      3. We won't be able to have guests for chapel (in the gym).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact pastor or the office. It certainly seems like a lot of changes! Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we try to manage this new school year. We will provide updates and changes as they come.

For Sunday Morning


  • We'll ask everyone to use the Narthex doors to enter (the glass double doors).

  • Upon entering there will be tables providing hand sanitizer, masks, (if you don't have your own), and (eventually) bulletins.

  • There should be ushers with masks holding the doors and welcoming you.

  • Please bring your own mask if you have one, there will be a limited supply of disposable masks available.

  • We're asking that you please wear your mask at least until you are seated for the service.

  • We will only use every other pew to maintain social distancing.

  • Please only have members of your household in the same pew.

  • The first people to arrive should sit in the front, and we will fill in the pews as we go.

  • There will not be seating in the "wing" at this time.

During Worship

  • We will not be sharing any items, including hymnals, attendance books, or offering plates.

  • The ushers will take attendance as best they can.

  • We will try to use the projector screen for liturgy, music, videos, etc.

  • We will be limiting singing and responsive readings, especially at first. I know this will be hard for many as singing and congregation participation is a big part of our worship gatherings. We will utilize recorded singing and live soloists as possible.

Sacrament of the Altar

  • Our current plans include no Common Cup, and no tables for Communion, instead, it will be in a continuous method, dismissed by household/pew.


  • After worship we will be dismissing the people seated in the back of the sanctuary first, and ask to please exit out the main Sanctuary doors (double white).

  • Please put your mask back on before exiting.

  • There will be another table with sanitizer and a spot to leave an offering as you exit.

Other Thoughts

  • Online worship will continue on our Facebook page.

  • If you are sick, we ask that you please stay home and join our worship online.

  • Please limit your usage of the building to just the Sanctuary.

  • The upstairs bathrooms will be available, but it would be best to only use them if absolutely necessary.

  • Please bring your own water if you need a drink with you.

  • Please refrain from shaking hands, hugging, etc.

  • If you would like to talk with other people, please do so outside after worship.

  • The elevator will not be available at this time.

  • We will not have coffee or snacks at this time.

  • We will not have Sunday School or Adult Bible Class yet, either.

  • Given the size of our Sanctuary, the CDC guidelines, and our average attendance, we believe we can accommodate everyone who desires to worship in person in one service as we usually do.