Explanation of Confirmation Form:

  1. Church attendance: write the dates of church attendance in the boxes. I'm asking for a minimum attendance of 3 services a month.
    • If you attend worship out of town, simply write the name and city of the congregation along with the date, in the box.
  2. Sunday School & Bible Class: write the dates of Sunday School and Bible Class attendance. I'm asking for a minimum of 2 a month.
    • This expectation is for the whole family: the student, parents, and siblings if possible!
    • If you attend another weekly Bible study (small group) during the week feel free to record and count that!
    • 8th Graders have the option of attending Adult Bible Class or the Middle School Sunday School class.
  3. Family Devotions: This is a chance for you to develop a family habit of devotions at home. It is difficult to all be together, so this expectation is only twice a week.
    • For ideas, look at the bottom of the page!
  4. Below the devotion date boxes, there is a line to write what you used for family devotions. If you need some suggestions please ask Pastor!
  5. Memory Work: Look at the directions below the chart for submitting recording.
    • You may certainly work ahead of the 1 per week rate.
    • For the longer passages you may split it it in half and submit two recordings.

Confirmation Resources

Confirmation is not just a class to learn about the Bible and Small Catechism. More than that, it is an opportunity for the student and his/her family to develop good spiritual habits including: regular church and Sunday School attendance, and family devotions. It also emphasizes learning the Small Catechism by heart, so that the summary of God's Word will be with you wherever you go!

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